Hollands Farm, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire

Residential Development

Welcome To Our Online Consultation

Thank you for visiting our consultation website to find out more about our proposals for land at Hollands Farm, Bourne End.  We will update this website on a regular basis as our proposals and our planning application for the site progresses.

The Covid pandemic has brought about many changes across the country, including how public consultation for new development can be carried out.  How we interact and share our views has changed for at least the short to medium term and we have had to adapt our usual consultation techniques due to social distancing restrictions.

The website contains the information we would normally use at a public exhibition, along with a number of short videos and external links to useful sites that we hope you will find informative.

The public consultation period for the proposals will commence on Thursday 18th February and will finish on Thursday 11th March 2021. Please let us have your feedback by using the 'Have your Say' form, via the survey link or by using any of the other feedback options detailed at the bottom of this web page.


  • We will be submitting an outline planning application with all matters reserved (excluding access) for Hollands Farm.  Outline planning applications seek to establish whether the scale and nature of a proposed development would be acceptable to the Local Planning Authority, before a fully detailed proposal is put forward.

    Where outline permission has been granted, and within three years of the outline approval, an application for the outstanding reserved matters can be submitted, i.e. the information excluded from the initial outline planning application. This will typically include information about the layout, scale and appearance of the development.

    Both types of applications are required to undergo public consultation before submission.  Statutory consultees and local residents will also have the opportunity to formally comment of the applications once they are submitted and registered with the Local Authority.

    Statutory consultees are those organisations and bodies, defined by statute, which Local Planning Authorities are legally required to consult before reaching a decision on relevant planning applications.  Examples include the Environment Agency, Highways England, Natural England and Parish Councils.

  • Land use

    Hollands Farm  covers approximately 47.77 acres (19.33 hectares).

    Of this 28.88 acres (11.69 hectares) is designated as the residential developable area. 

    A further 2.71 acres (1.10 hectares) is allocated as land for a 1 Form Entry Primary School. 

    The green infrastructure including public open spaces, recreation/play areas, areas of retained landscape features and buffers to existing features totals 16.16 acres (6.54 hectares) which equates to 34% of the total site.

  • Up to 400 new homes. 

    With a mix of 1 - 5 bedroom homes, in-line with the Council’s housing mix policy.

  • Land for a new primary school

    Including financial contributions toward school places.

  • 48% affordable housing (192 of the 400 homes will be classed as affordable).

    Affordable housing is a combination of social rented, affordable rent and shared ownership housing, provided to eligible households whose needs are not met by the market. 

    This will assist those looking for their first home, and lower income individuals and families get on the housing ladder in Bourne End. 

    The last affordable housing to be developed in Bourne End was in 2003 at Eghams Green, off Cores End Road and comprised of 6 houses and 4 flats.

  • Public open spaces

    Including play pitches, multi-use games area, multi-age play hubs, supplemented with naturalistic play features at points along the footpaths. 

    New footpath and cycle routes will be provided, facilitating ease of movement around the site and wider area.

  • Economic Growth

    The proposed development of new homes and land for a 1 form entry primary school offers the opportunity to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, assist in meeting local housing need and add to the Local Authority’s revenue.

    New development will be key to aiding economic recovery at both a local and national level as a result of the Covid pandemic.

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Have your say

This is an opportunity for you to have your say:

Your feedback will help shape our proposals before we submit our planning application.

Comments received will be compiled in a Statement of Community Involvement which will be submitted with our planning application.  Any comments you make in response to these proposals will not affect your right to comment on the planning application submitted to the Local Authority at a later stage in the process.

Please let us have your feedback by no later than Thursday 11th March 2021.

Please take the time to complete our survey regarding housing and Bourne End.
Please let us have your feedback by no later than Thursday 11th March 2021.
Take our survey

You Can Submit Your Feedback In A Number Of Ways:

  • Online via this website by completing the Have Your Say Form or the Survey Link
  • Via email: info@catesbyestates.co.uk
  • Via telephone:  01926 836910
  • Or finally via post (no stamp required) simply using the address freepost: CATESBY ESTATES

Please let us have your feedback by no later than Thursday 11th March 2021.

Planning Background

The site known as Hollands Farm was removed from the Green Belt and allocated for residential development by Wycombe Council in 2019. The overarching planning policy is set out in Policy BE2 of that Local Plan.  

Local group, Keep Bourne End Green (KBEG) objected to land being removed from the Green Belt at Bourne End and allocated for housing in the Local Plan. 

Their application to go to the Court of Appeal was refused permission In November 2020.  This followed the High Court dismissing their statutory challenge in July 2020 to the adoption of the Wycombe Local Plan (now forming part of Buckinghamshire Council).  In July all five grounds of challenge were dismissed by the Hon. Mr Justice Holgate, with the judgement clearly setting out that there was no error in law in the Inspector finding the Wycombe Local Plan sound.  The Local Plan therefore remains adopted which allocated Hollands Farm.

The allocation extends over two land ownerships. Catesby Estates has been appointed as the land promoter for the southern portion of the site totalling 52 acres and we are working with the neighbouring site owners to bring forward a cohesive scheme.

Since the formal allocation, the Planning Team at the Council have been preparing a Development Brief, with input from the Parish Council and Buckinghamshire Councillors.  The Development Brief is designed to guide development of  the allocation.  We have used the draft Development Brief to further develop our proposals for Hollands Farm, and have sought to work with the guidance laid out in the document to deliver the Council’s aspiration.

The Buckinghamshire Council public consultation on the Development Brief ended Wednesday 17th February 2021.  The feedback from their public consultation and this public consultation will be used to help finalise our proposals before we submit our Outline Planning Application to the Council for determination.


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