An application by local  group, Keep Bourne End Green (KBEG), to go to the Court of Appeal has been refused permission (3rd November 2020) stating “where permission to appeal has been refused on the papers, that decision is final and cannot be further reviewed or appealed.”

This follows the High Court dismissing their statutory challenge in July 2020 to the adoption of the Wycombe Local Plan (now forming part of Buckinghamshire Council).

KBEG objected to land being removed from the Green Belt at Bourne End and allocated for housing in the Local Plan.  The Local Plan remains adopted, which allocated for residential purposes our 52 acre site known as Hollands Farm which forms part of a wider allocation in Bourne End which was removed from the Green Belt.

Catesby are working closely with the Council to prepare an outline planning application to deliver new homes, affordable housing, land for a primary school and public open space with a net gain in biodiversity.

You can find out more about the site here.