Planning For New Homes

National Audit Office Report assessing how effectively MHCLG supports the planning regime to provide the right homes in the right places.


  • 300,000 the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government’s ambition for new homes per year from the mid-2020s 222,000 number of new homes in 2017-18


  • 1% percentage of local authorities that have a local plan for new homes that is less than fi ve years old


  • 50% percentage of local authorities likely to fail the ‘housing delivery test’ in 2020 for not building enough homes, so could face penalties


  • 81% percentage of major residential planning applications approved by local authorities in 2017-18


  • 38 weeks average time the Planning Inspectorate estimates it takes for it to determine an informal hearing or inquiry-based housing appeal


  • 47% percentage of local authorities that can get contributions from developers towards the cost of infrastructure through the Department’s preferred mechanism, called the Community Infrastructure Levy


  • 15% percentage overall decrease in numbers of local authority planning staff between 2006 and 2016

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Credit: National Audit Office Report, February 2019