What Is Strategic Land Promotion?


As one of the UK’s leading strategic land promoters, Catesby Estates uses its in-house expertise and financial resources, at no cost to the landowner to fund the promotion of land through the planning process.

Once planning permission has been achieved the land site is then sold for the highest possible return, therefore maximising the value of the land.

For those unfamiliar with planning, development and selling of land, selecting a strategic land promoter can be a daunting prospect.

The UK planning system for residential developments can be complex and risky, requiring patience, an eye for detail and significant financial backing.  Catesby Estates take on the risk and financial investment and look to maximise the residential development potential of your land, through the land promotion model.

Housing delivery is a critical part of the economy, and central government has been keen to ensure planning consents are turned into houses quickly and efficiently.  As a land promoter, Catesby Estates do not build houses, and therefore it is imperative for us to demonstrate that our planning permissions are turned into ‘real homes’ quickly.

The Government introduced the Housing Delivery Test to ensure Local Authorities grant consent for schemes that are deliverable.  Catesby Estates has a best in class reputation, due to our ability to provide housebuilders with implementable permissions.  

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