Catesby Helps Supports Community Project In Sierra Leone


Catesby Estates are pleased to be one of the sponsors supporting Turley with making a sixth trip to Sierra Leone in West Africa to work on a long-term project – building a new settlement to rehouse slum dwellers from the capital Freetown.

They are working with charity partner Home Leone, which acquired the 25 acre site of Destiny Village near Newton, and produced a masterplan for over 300 low-cost homes, business space, education and healthcare facilities with their own water and power supply. The first seven blocks of eight homes around courtyards are now built and the first residents moved in during 2019, with the primary school opening in September.

Home Leone works in partnership with the Association of Slum Dwellers to select and prepare families for the move from informal settlements to a new life at Destiny, which involves committing to a rent-to-buy scheme, employment/training opportunities and school places.

Turley will be starting construction work on the eighth block of homes, which the £15,000 they are aiming to raise will fund, as well as visiting other charities around Freetown to distribute aid collected in the UK.

Team travel is self-funded, with a contribution from their Charitable Trust, so all donations are used in Sierra Leone to pay for materials and labour.

Donations can be made via their VirginMoneyGiving page.

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