Landowners Beware – not all strategic land promoters are created equally

It is important that you select the right land promotion partner or company for your land.

Here are some key things to consider when you are ready to appoint a land promoter.

Do your homework on the land promoter

It is important to look at the history of the business, the size of its portfolio, the experience of the team and most importantly their success rate in getting planning permission, maximising land value and ability to sell land sites.

Look at their portfolio of sites carefully, consider whether they have previous knowledge of where your land is located. 

Who, when and where was their last land site sale?

You can find out more and view all of Catesby’s current land sites under promotion, and sold sites here.

Land promoter Catesby Estates working with landowners

Working with housebuilders to deliver new homes

Does your land promoter have housebuilder and developer contacts and relationships?

Does your preferred land promoter have the housebuilder contacts to make sure your land when the time comes for sale is marketed to a range of housebuilders both small medium enterprises (SME) and the larger PLC’s. 

This helps to maximise value and each housebuilder has its own unique selling points (USPs).  Remember as the landowner which housebuilder purchases your site is ultimately down to you.

How long will it take to promote and sell your land site once under promotion?

Be realistic about timescales and do your own research into the planning system so you fully understand the process. 

The status of your land e.g., greenfield, brownfield or Green Belt, the development of your Council’s Local Plan and local housing need will all play a huge role in how quickly planning permission can be achieved on a site.

Planning is a notoriously slow process, and even some allocated sites can take years to achieve a successful outcome at planning committee.

Catesby Estates have extensive experience of promoting greenfield and Green Belt sites across the country.  Our in-house planning team are experts in dealing with Local Plans, Neighbourhood Plans and presenting sites to Planning Committees.

Testimonials – Would other landowners recommend them?

There is nothing like hearing it from the horse’s mouth. 

Ask around, speak to other landowners who have promoted their land, and even better, speak to past clients. All land promoters should be able to provide you with testimonials from across a range of land sites.

View the Catesby landowner, agent and Councillor testimonials

Does the land promotion company have a strong financial background?

There are many land promoters out there, but do they have a strong financial background?  After all, land promotion is a costly and risky business, as the land promoter only makes a return once a land site has been sold to a housebuilder.

Catesby Estates has over 20 years of knowledge and experience in strategic land promotion and infrastructure delivery and is part of the Urban&Civic group of businesses.

The acquisition of Catesby’s parent company, Urban&Civic by the Wellcome Trust in January 2021, consolidated the position of Urban&Civic as the leading Master Developer in the UK, and further strengthened the already substantial financial backing of Catesby Estates.

Public consultation and new homes

Relationships – experience in land promotion

Get to know your land promoter and understand who the team working on your land will be.

Do they have the right experience and required knowledge of the area to best promote your land on your behalf?

The Catesby team have been handpicked for their specialist knowledge and experience, with many having worked for housebuilders or developers, and are affiliated to professionally accredited bodies within their field of work.

The Catesby approach to strategic land promotion means we work closely with landowners to realise their aspirations and desired legacy for their land, and our structure means all members of the team are accessible to our landowners.

Landowners receive regular updates as part of our commitment to outstanding service.  Learn more about the Catesby Estates team who would work on your land site here.

A sustainable approach to land promotion

A sustainable approach to new development is a key part of tackling the climate emergency.  Not only can it help with the current cost of living crisis experienced by many across the country, delivering more energy efficient homes and sustainable commuting options, but it also helps to boost the economy by creating jobs and investment. 

Catesby Estates are proud to be helping to deliver sustainable developments and homes where people have the opportunity to take their first steps on the housing ladder or to buy a family home.  Our developments help maintain and enhance the vitality of existing communities through job creation and socio-economic growth.  You can find out more about our commitment to sustainable land promotion here.

Considerations for the environment and sustainability are at the forefront of our decision-making process. For example, electric charging points, early landscape planting and biodiversity improvements are just some of the features included on our sites.

Working with communities to bring forward new homes

Does your preferred strategic land promoter engage and work with the community?

For the planning process to work effectively, land promoters must work in partnership with local communities to achieve a positive outcome for all parties. 

It’s essential to make sure that the land promoter you select is committed to public consultation and can provide past examples of their community engagement work.

Here at Catesby Estates, we believe the key to our success is our collaborative approach and commitment to delivering sensitively designed housing developments tailored to the character of the local area and providing real community benefits.

Acknowledging the significant roles local stakeholders play in the planning process we have an in-house communications team who engage directly with stakeholders, rather than using external third-party agencies.  Find out more about the Catesby Estates approach to consultation here.

Working with landowners and local communities

All our residential sites provide policy-compliant levels of affordable housing and public open spaces as key features. We consult with leading ecology and landscaping experts to ensure the spaces we provide allow both residents and local wildlife to flourish.

Our approach to strategic land promotion means we work closely with landowners to realise their aspirations and desired legacy for their land. 

By approaching development in the right way, we can have a positive impact on communities, and build a level of trust as a preferred land promoter partner for councils, local stakeholders, housebuilders and developers.

Catesby Estates take on the finance and risk of promoting your site through the planning system so as a landowner you don’t have to.

Get a free no obligation appraisal of the potential of your land here