Development Objections Unfounded

Catesby Estates plc reject a statement made by Kedleston Voice claiming they have a case for challenging the recent Court of Appeal decision reinstating the planning permission for 400 new homes off Kedleston Road, Allestree at the Supreme Court.

Following the decision by the Court of Appeal back in July, Kedleston Voice are trying to gather support for an additional legal challenge to further delay the delivery of much needed new homes for the area, claiming the issues raised in the decision are of ‘national significance’.

The judgment made by the three Lord & Lady Justices ruled in Catesby Estates favour, highlighting the inspector had taken "more than visual" elements into account and had used reasonable planning judgement to dismiss them.

Speaking to Planning Resource last month, Historic England highlighted the decision of the Court of Appeal as being "helpful" and "confirms that when considering the impact of a proposal on the setting of a heritage asset, it is not just the current visual relationship that needs to be considered".

David Morris, Planning Director at Catesby Estates said “The judgement is extremely comprehensive with a robust set of conclusions which assist in clarifying the approach to defining the setting of heritage assets. We would agree with Historic England that the decision is helpful in this regard.”

“There is a recognised shortage of housing in the area, particularly affordable housing and Kedleston Voice are using delaying tactics to prevent the scheme from coming forward. These delaying tactics are denying local people who don’t own a home or are currently on the housing register the chance to find a place to call home.”

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