Lichfields - Testing Times For Housing Delivery

Housing land supply and delivery may not be top of the Government’s current list of Covid-19 priorities, but those in planning and development must quickly reflect on the likely significance of its impacts:

  • the complete cessation for several weeks of construction activity on most major housing sites;
  • marked delays in planning decision making and plan making; and
  • an economic downturn that the OBR estimates could feature a 35% reduction in GDP, with obvious consequences for future strength of the housing market.

This article looks at the implications of Covid-19 for five-year land supply (5YHLS) and the housing delivery test (HDT), and questions whether the planning policy response should be that of the 'hawk' (aggressively imposing the 'tilted balance' to boost supply) or the 'dove' (relaxing the rules to reflect the unavoidable nature of the current crisis).

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Credit: Lichfields, April 2020