LPDF's Response To The Draft NPPF


Catesby Estates plc are part of the The Land Promoters and Developers Federation (LPDF) which is made up of a number of the country’s leading land promoters and developers.

Most members operate in the housing sector, but several also bring forward land for employment and other purposes. We work closely with public authorities, landowners (including private individuals, institutions, charities, public sector bodies and agencies), key stakeholders, local communities and house-builders to provide land for housing and therefore the supply of new, private and affordable homes.

Our members provide housing sites to the full range of house builders from the large national firms, medium sized regional firms, small local firms, RSLs and private landlords. We operate to remove the huge investment and risk involved in bringing land forward for development, which inhibits many landowners and house builders from operating in the market place.

More information about the LPDF and the important role they play in the housing market can be found on our website (www.lpdf.co.uk).

We welcome the opportunity to engage with the Government in relation to the revised draft National Planning Policy Framework (dNPPF) and accompanying guidance contained in the draft Planning Practice Guidance (dPPG) and the Housing Delivery Test (HDT) Draft Measurement Rule Book. We sincerely hope the consultation responses will be conscientiously considered.

We are committed to fulfilling our role in assisting the Government in tackling the housing crisis and progressing sustainable developments to urgently meet the significant unmet housing needs of the country, as the Government seeks to deliver the 300,000 dwelling per annum target nationally.

Download the LPDF’s NPPF Response Here.