UK Housing: A Crisis

A special report on how local single issue parties campaigning to stop green belt development around London are causing a 'crisis in the Conservative heartlands' .

The piece in The Financial Times (subscription) says that Guildford in Surrey "is one of the towns on the front line in a battle taking place across the UK between a Conservative government desperate to tackle a housing crisis and thousands of worried residents, many of whom are natural Conservative voters, who are opposed to mass housebuilding on their doorsteps".

It says that in 2015 the Guildford Greenbelt Group "won three council seats which in living memory had always been Conservative and came second in nearly 20 other wards". The paper adds that "the emergence of such protest parties is one reflection of the ferocious politics that surround the issue of housing in the UK and which is hugely divisive for the ruling Conservatives."

Credit: March 2018 The Financial Times (subscription)