The technical challenges and constraints on a potential new land parcel, the constant evolution of innovative technology and building methods and the ever changing Government regulations and requirements mean it’s a challenge to build the volume of new homes needed every year to help solve the housing crisis.

As one of the biggest names in the land promotion sector, Catesby Estates are well known by housebuilders for our ability to deliver technically sound and well considered residential development sites.  Housebuilders and Local Authorities have confidence that a planning permission obtained by Catesby Estates is deliverable. 

Value Engineered Solutions

Many constraints can be easy to resolve, but some features can have significant development capacity implications if not appropriately or innovatively challenged with value engineered solutions such as Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) with proven ground water infiltration reducing land take.  A poorly considered site from a technical point of view can have a significant impact on the value of the land at the point of sale.

Recognising the importance of resolving limitations and gaining support from stakeholders such as local residents and statutory consultees such as the local Highway Authority is key to unlocking a site.

We believe the key to our success rate is our collaborative approach and commitment to delivering sensitively designed housing developments tailored to the character of the local area and providing real community benefits.

Technical constraints need to be considered at all stages of the land promotion process from site acquisition and planning through to the final sale process. 

The deliverability and constraints of sites drive the evolution of the constraints plan and the final illustrative masterplan.  Issues such as topography, ground investigation, access, highways, utilities, flood risk and drainage all need to be considered.

Confidence in Deliverability

A strong focus on technical deliverability ensures Local Authorities and other stakeholders at Planning Committees can have confidence in the planning consent they are granting and the quality of the development coming forward.  This is a key part of our promotion strategy, and one of the main reasons why we are trusted by our partners and stakeholders.

Added Value For Housebuilders

A site with comprehensive technical background work completed, reduces the overall risk for a housebuilder and in turn, increases the speed of housing delivery with housebuilders able get onsite and start construction quicker. 

Housebuilders have access to the background technical assessments and are able to meet with the technical team and draw on their expertise and in-depth site knowledge during the final sales process.

Comprehensive technical input at the early stages reduces the possibility of expensive delays later in the final sale and legal process of the land.    

Our successful combination of strategic land promotion and detailed technical approach results in us securing well thought out high quality planning permissions. This is why housebuilders choose to work with Catesby Estates.

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